it’s the maker’s love for the genre that never reaches the viewers..

2 And A Half Out Of 5

When such an idea is to be executed that has already been explored in plenty of ways, the bar raises itself which becomes immensely impossible to meet let along surpass it. And the script in here fails to do so as it lacks every essential bit of drama that drives such features. The stakes projected in here is the typical mumbo-jumbo that is too shallow which undermines the tension among the characters and the sense of urgency too isn’t communicated to that extent.

Surprisingly, this is a character driven feature and the execution is exceptionally good especially for a debutant director Yolanda Ramke for a motion picture. As much as Yolanda’s work is appreciative, it also raises question on the very existence of it as the screenplay (which she co-wrote with Ben Howling) never breeds the crisp out of the premise.

The performance objective is pretty much left upon Martin Freeman who doesn’t disappoint on his portrayal even though being restrained a bit with such a narrow range. The technical aspects like make-up and choreography isn’t upto the mark although the production design and few tiny detailed tricks are ingenious (Martin Freeman getting out of a cage is something to look forward to).

The world projected in here isn’t as thought-provoking as the makers think which opens the portal that drags it down whenever it reaches out for something bigger due to a somewhat flawed takes on its track. The short runtime, gripping screenplay and few unpredictable turns in the feature helps one survive it and makes it worth a watch at least for once.

Cargo excels in executing the accuracy of the bubble that its pragmatic characters resides in and when it comes to keep the audience engaged through 90 minutes it doesn’t fail to do so and if it would have went for a smarter and newer perspective, the trajectory would have been intriguing enough to invest in it. It’s the makers love for the genre that never reaches the viewers.

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