lacks a layered surface to scratch on..

1 And A Half Out Of 5

Johnson’s character in the beginning of the feature, says “I’ll just high-five the guy” after attempting to wish in a foreign language, which unfortunately seems to be the motto of the makers – if impossible to justify it, just sleep over it or more accurately leap over it.

Skyscraper is a plot driven commercial feature about a guy pushing his limits to save his family despite of being restrained and barred by the nature. It is short on technical aspects like visual effects, (which is a downer considering that it depends a lot upon it) sound department and better editing. It is shot decently with some pleasing scenes here and there, that are implemented to attract the viewers which too wears off sooner than expected.

The writing is cheesy, corny and amateur with forced humor installed to balance the commercial aspect of it which isn’t palpable to Johnson’s character whose effort to breed the sincerity and seriousness communicates unevenly. The characters are loud, unnecessarily expressive and aren’t polished appropriately, leaving them a bit chalky around the edges to swallow.

The action sequences are shot brilliantly with Johnson in command who hits hard and brutal with convincing hand-to-hand combat where his hard work is clearly visible on the screen. He is good on physical sequences although struggling; even though improving, on acting skills and also isn’t supported to that extent by the supporting cast like Neve Campbell and Chin Han.

Rawson Marshall Thurber; the writer-director, seems to have taken the opportunity granted for neither his sloppy writing nor shallow execution convinces the audience to be invested in it. The Johnson’s hard work and few choreographed action sequences are the only high points of the feature.

Skyscraper lacks a layered surface to scratch on, for the revealing hollowness in a material is neither impressive nor advantageous.

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