the prodigal son returns..

3 And A Half Out Of 5

Hereditary is a character driven horror feature that believes to feed the audience more of the family drama and the mystery behind it, than mere compilation of horrifying visual effects. The crucial critical environment that is depicted in here chills down the spine among the viewers for the stakes are always black and white; never had you ever cared for the characters like such.

Another primary reason why it communicates with such length is the uncertainty of the script, that allows it to go bold, gut-wrenching and flow as a lethal sea wave which when hits on screen leaves the audience with a long horrific gasp. It is rich on technical aspects like cinematography, stunning sound effects and perfect editing.

The camera work is plausible, it is shot beautifully and appropriately with some cringe worthy visuals that will easily give you nightmares. The political drama among the family members, its three dimensional perspective and Toni Collette are the high points of the feature that elevates the thrilling ride it has to offer.

The writing is sharp, explicit and smarter than it seems for it manages to attain the perfect balance of drama and horror as they are dependent on each other and is impossible to filter out. It isn’t one’s cheesy horror flick as the ludicrosity isn’t encouraged and instead focuses to manipulate the viewers with their imagination.

Ari Aster; the writer-director, has done a tremendous job on creating such a tensed environment among the characters, especially since it is his directorial debut for a major motion picture. The performance is convincing among the cast but the obvious standoff; as mentioned earlier, is Toni Collette who is breathtaking in her portrayal.

Hereditary is a typical and sensible homage to the genre, for among the latest light-headed attention-grabber popcorn flicks, it is refreshing to listen to someone that speaks volume; the prodigal son returns.

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