explore into a colony of black and white saints..


4 Out Of 5


A wide range of such genre features are created that focuses on the fragile aspects of the society, but only few of them gets it right on both – the cinematic and infomercial – the ways and maintains the perfect balance. It is visually beautiful with impressive camera work and cinematography that unfortunately isn’t supported to that extent on technical aspects like background score and editing.


There are few cringe worthy scenes; which is obvious considering the premise, that took lots of gut to pull it off on screen by the makers. The writing is strong, sharply accurate and ballsy that ups the ante and the energy of the cinema on screen as it doesn’t flinch on visiting unexpected places and tell its own story.


Jennifer Fox; has done a plausible work on writing the script but an even more tremendous job on executing such an eerie feature with such confidence. The character’s perspective as it struggles on recollecting the occurred events is brilliantly depicted that proves not only the excellence on writing but the wittiness on the tricks and treats installed by the makers for the audience.


The feature scores majestically on performance where everyone is giving their best especially Laura Dern who is a revelation in this masterpiece and is supported by a great cast like Elizabeth Debicki, Chelsea Alden and Jason Ritter. The structure of the plot isn’t one’s usual melodrama that spends its time on grieving and instead takes action through its own methodology and is delivered by some amazing heartfelt conversations.


The Tale explores into a colony of black and white saints and segregates the bigger terms in the society and narrows it down to a much simpler and adequate point.

Posted by:Arth

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