cornered in its self-created pathos methodology..


2 out of 5


Tag is a passionate plot driven feature that interprets a confused message as it never stabilizes itself on a definite purpose. An idea or a concept isn’t everything there actually factors in a lot of other aspects, and this could be the fine example of it, for it doesn’t have any single piece of art to be explored beyond its extracted mere idea. It is short on technical aspects like sound department, background score and editing.

The camera work in here seems ridiculous, stultifying, dull and unnecessarily goes into slow-motion phase; where the makers may think they can draw their laughs in, but it actually undermines the gravitas and intensity of the feature. The script is way too pretentious filled with cheesy monologues and forcibly added sketchy comic sequences that neither keeps it grounded nor goes completely fiction, ending up floating in the space meaningless.

Jeff Tomsic; the director, needs a lot of work to go through its approach on executing the anticipated vision for it falls flat on face when it comes to even deliver a straight-up sensible conversation. It is poorly acted out by the star cast especially by Jeremy Renner who seems to have been enjoying a little too much to make sense at some points and on the other hand, Ed Helms and Isla Fisher are the only one’s on track whilst Jon Hamm is surprisingly a disappointment (maybe it’s not his forte).

Tag is cornered in it’s self-created pathos methodology that it never comes out of it and unfortunately neither can it.

Posted by:Arth

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