neither in awe of it nor exhausted by it..


2 And A Half Out Of 5


The reminiscent natured script never works on a prequel or a spin-off for the writers winds up spending their half of the time on creating a propaganda to end it up on a circle or form a loop with a hope that it will justify the actions or occurring events. Such origin features demands proper work on each aspects that focuses on keeping the audience electrified and engaged throughout the course of it and not charm their way out of it (something which can only be created after a connection is established).


Jonathan and Lawrence Kasdan; the writers, shares their fan-boy moments with a delight in the script but as far as the structure is concerned, it walks completely on the similar route as this world has previously managed to do so.


Ron Howard; the director, offered a lot of expectations and doesn’t fail on flaunting its brilliant execution skills but even a Star Wars genre with his eyes, is no different from any other feature of his. Ron spends his first act setting the plots and the characters in an unnerving way for the audience like a slow pill that isn’t about to kick until the second half arrives.


As always a Star Wars feature doesn’t disappoint on technical aspects like stunning production and costume designs, breathtaking visuals and amazing vfx, although the background score isn’t upto the mark by John Powell. The action sequences are shot nicely but the air-based sequence is the highlight of it as it is one of the wittiest and nail-biting chase sequence of Star Wars.


It certainly is a lot of pressure to pull off an iconic character like Han Solo and Alden Ehrenreich’s hard work is clearly visible here but isn’t as convincing and addition to that Emilia Clarke and Paul Bettany aren’t at their best despite of being supported well by Woody Harrelson and Donald Grover. The performance is also one of the main reasons why the emotions depicted in here comes out a bit shallow and why the audience feels disconnected with the characters.


Solo: A Star Wars Story is somewhat inedible as it fumbles its way down the road where the audience is neither in awe of it nor exhausted by it.

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