decapitates the essential asset from the soul..


2 And A Half Out Of 5


Sicario : Day Of The Soldado is a character driven political thriller, whose urge to make a gut-punching point down the throat, makes it lose its lane from the plot track. The choreographed action packed invades or a road kill is, as always nicely done and speaks volume through it about the characteristics of the characters, just as it did on its first one. The camera work is stunning and it is beautifully shot and is immensely pleasing to encounter the visuals depicted in here despite of having such a dark tone of the feature. It is rich on technical aspects like cinematography, background score, sound effects, production design and editing.

The script is well structured and builds up to its way in an even pace, keeping the audience engaged throughout the course of it and so are its pragmatic characters that are perfectly cooked. Its smarter and eerie perspective which was the key in the first installment is still present in here.

Taylor Sheridan; the writer, as always delivers its enrooting and enraging political insight into the plot line but unfortunately it shatters into a bunch of distracted puzzle box, in its last act, which frankly no one cares enough to solve it out, narrowing it down to a predictable outcome. Stefano Sollima; the director, clearly whenever had its day into the vision, has got the execution aptly, but if not, it looses its grip quickly enough to dehypnotize the audience from it. The performance objective is safe and sound among the revisiting characters like Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro and the new comers like Catherine Keener who didn’t get much time to factor in effectively.

Sicario : Day Of The Soldado decapitates the essential asset from the soul that was the primary fuel of its predecessor which is its poetic theme; it’s a swing and a miss.

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