a familiar heist with undercooked characters..


2 Out Of 5


A spin-off like such shouldn’t assume that the clock is going to resume ticking but instead will have to work from zero and even work harder considering the expectations it has to satisfy. The camera work is appreciative and is shot beautifully too where its rich costume design makes it worth along with the up beating sound department that elevates its momentum.


The enthusiasm and passion towards the project is clearly visible but the “fan-struck” charge isn’t enough to feed off the audience for almost two hours. The characters depicted in here, are raw, chalky and taken from a typical heist genre features that never move pasts its dull sub-plot.


The screenplay keeps the audience engaged but the most part of it, is the star power which isn’t utilized to its best but left up to fate and charm. Gary Ross; the director, is quite convincing and stays true to the tone of the franchise with his decent execution skills but fails to create the anticipated impact on screen.


Anne Hathaway is flat out hilarious in her portrayal of a bratty celebrity but other than that, the cast (Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson and Helena Bonham Carter) is surprisingly enjoying a bit much to keep the crisp alive or factor in effectively and the primary reason would be the range and space which isn’t much to explore.


The stakes projected in here never communicates with the audience as the work behind it is somewhere lost in its self-created scrutiny and the urge to hold the cards up the sleeve until the final act arrives. Considering the strength and the potential of the cast, it seems like a swing and a miss on terms of originality and craft as the makers seems distracted by the commercial aspects of it.


Ocean’s Eight is a familiar heist with undercooked characters that is pretentious than it is feasible for the makers, actors and the audience.

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