as smooth as jazz..


4 Out Of 5


It is quite rare for a feature, series or even an episode to match the expectations of its predecessor and live up to the hype (it is higher than usual in here since it has been 14 years) delivering everything that the fans want and a bit more, (just for fun) attaining the perfect balance of commercial and art cinema.


As usual, the Pixar animation is rich in it’s finely detailed script and visual aesthetics that is not only adorable (Jack Jack steals the show), witty and “cool” to encounter at, but is also thought-provoking that speaks volume on character’s perspective through it.


The script is adaptive, engaging and filled with exhilarating sequences that up beats the momentum of the situation and elevates the heartbeat of the audience using the character’s connection among them wisely that redefines the cultural genre which is taken for granted nowadays. The return voice over cast convincingly sticks to their characters along with the newer cast whose characters are equally juicy and nutrient.


Brad Bird; the writer-director, has done a tremendous work on executing his anticipated vision (an ahead-of-its-time vision that is adequate for the current society that we all reside and still never goes pretentious or chalky) on screen. Despite of walking on a familiar structure of the script, the feature is eerily an inversion of its previous installment and still makes sense in a whole new way; kind of like a palindrome, which is poetic of Brad to do so.


The pace and the tone of it is kept alive and even throughout the course of it which was palpable in the first installment too, picking up right where it was left. It is rich on technical aspects like sound department, visual effects (the chase sequence of Elastigirl is breathtaking as it leaves the room with a long gasping of awe) and editing.


Incredibles 2 is as smooth as jazz for its strong writing, gripping screenplay and brilliant execution not only charms its way around the viewers and instead has a warm gift wrapped under its “family” sheet for them.

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